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Moment Watches

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Finding the right gift to celebrate a successful achievement? We understand that gifting is  a way to show support and it is always special. Joyful shopping! Stories on Watches. A Gift to Encourage.

BE HAPPY - Time to laugh!
Story:Happiness is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy. Based in Barcelona as a freelance illustrator, Judy never runs out of things to be happy about. This expression of joy permeates all areas of her work, rendering her illustrations detail..
BE LINKED - Time to look closely
Story:London-based illustrator and designer Laura was inspired by the design of the traditional German art of Scherenschnitte, which is a kind of intricate cut paper design. She based this design on floral folk art, using the cut-away pieces to leave..
BE NEW - Time to birth
Story:Springtime signifies the promise of a new start, the genesis of a fresh dream. Leave the disappointments of yesteryear behind, trusting that the challenges have made you better, stronger, wiser. Run the race looking forward to your end goal.Wee..
BE POSITIVE - Moment to look up
Story:Last year Arlene went through a series of crises: insecurity at work, the loss of her best friend and the apprehension of launching her own business. She experienced instability, grief, stress and exhilaration - all in quick succession. However..
BE OPEN - Time to defy gravity
Story:This watch celebrates the ability of the human mind to dream dreams and drive change. A freelance illustrator from Singapore, William Chua was inspired by two seemingly separate subjects: the Panda and man in space. This led him to think... "Wh..
BE PRESENT - Time to make an imprint
Story:Every day our fingers come into contact with thousands of objects. Some touches are more important than others, some more intentional than others. One thing is certain: Contact is irreversible. Once contact has been established, it cannot be un..
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