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Moment Watches

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Music Lovers

Music Lovers

Finding the right gift for a Music lover? We understand that gifting is a way to connects with others and it is always special. Joyful shopping! Stories on Watches. A Gift to Encourage.

BE IMPERFECT - Time for a new perspective
Story:Korean artist Lee Jae-Ho, also known as "275C", is a funny person who likes it when his designs make people crack up. He designed this "cracked watch" to make fun of his cellphone's cracked display screen. Instead of replacing the cracked scree..
BE MUSICAL - Moment to dream
Story:What do you do when a family member goes from healthy to bed-ridden? How can you accept these circumstances? When Betty's beloved grandmother suffered a stroke, Betty had a difficult time accepting her situation. It was almost like a surreal dr..
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