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John Freeman @ Australia

John Freeman @ Australia

John Freeman Australia
An artist, native of Adelaide, John Freeman has taught art to children for over a decade. With degrees in visual art as well as fine arts, in the last 10 years John has become an artist in his own right, displaying his work in art galleries, schools and churches in Adelaide. Although he draws inspiration from the great masters such as Matisse and van Gogh, his biggest influence comes from the children he has taught throughout the years. More precious than all the formal training and technique is seeing the world anew through a child’s eyes. John’s artworks create a simple quality with intense colours and strong lineal elements that abandons all laws of perspective and colour theory. They seek to express the pure and naïve form, the humanness of our condition within our placed environment. John strives to synthesize his Christian belief in God, the meaning of life and the expression of meaning through his visual images. Life is a journey, and for John, art is one of those activities that has greatly enriched his life journey. It has been a means of self-expression and has facilitated self-discovery. With insight in life, John’s image is an inner reflection in a quest to make meaning of those events in one’s own life.

John Freeman - Story of a New Journey
Story:“Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey”In life there will be times of difficulties and failures. How do we endure those times? When we know what is waiting for us in the end. When John suffered a failed business venture, he worried that..
John Freeman - Story of Friendship
Story:“He was lose, but now he’s found!” - The lost sheepMost of us can recall a time when we have felt lost and unsure of our purpose in life. It was during a time like this that John met a very special friend. About ten years his senior. This man b..
John Freeman - Story of Love
Story:Every child is a miracle, a gift from God. John remembers when his wife Jane was pregnant with their first child. They had only been married for a year, and it was the best one-year anniversary present they could hope for. Starting a famil..
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