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Moment Watches

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Finding the right gift to celebrate graduation? We understand that gifting is a way to celebrate successful milestones together and it is always special. Joyful shopping! Stories on Watches. A Gift to Encourage.

Coffee Lover Deluxe - RED EYE
Coffee Lover Story What scents will energize you from a dreamy morningWhat smells will awake you from a boring moment What do you feel when a high quality coffee bean meets perfect timing and impeccable skill Your ultimate cup of coffee..
BE AWAKE - Time for coffee
Story:What is better than waking up to a fresh mug of coffee? Or a cup for an afternoon pick-me-up? Or a sip to top off that meal? Sweden-based designer, photographer, and writer Brian loves to study the art of fine coffee and meet with other coffee ..
Metamorphosis Story Sleek. Urban. Sophisticated. The watch face is like the rough surface of a stone, waiting to be polished. A remembrance of where we were before, a celebration of where we are today. You don’t get a dazzling diamond w..
BE A SUPERHERO - Time to soar
Story:"A hero can be anyone." (Batman, Dark Knight Rises.)Marko Manev, born in Macedonia, is a freelance designer and illustrator who creates limited edition prints and movie posters. This watch design is inspired by Marko's passion for superhero com..
BE ALERT - Time to sharpen
Story:There's a superstition that says if a scissors was dropped and one of the blades became embedded in the floor, it is a sign of misfortune or difficult times to come. Irish illustrator Karen uses this MW watch to debunk this superstitious belief..
BE CONNECTED - Time to link in
Story:Our lives are made up of a series of seemingly random events: my moments criss-crossing with yours - his intersecting with hers. This geometric watch design was inspired by Lily's drawing. She wanted to express her appreciation for every connec..
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