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House Warming

House Warming

Looking for an inspirational gift to a House warming party? We understand that gifting is a way to connects with others and it is always special. Joyful shopping! Stories on Watches. A Gift to Encourage.

Metamorphosis Story Sleek. Urban. Sophisticated. The watch face is like the rough surface of a stone, waiting to be polished. A remembrance of where we were before, a celebration of where we are today. You don’t get a dazzling diamond w..
John Freeman - Story of a New Journey
Story:“Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey”In life there will be times of difficulties and failures. How do we endure those times? When we know what is waiting for us in the end. When John suffered a failed business venture, he worried that..
Coffee Lover - CONCRETE (GREY)
Coffee Lover Story - CONCRETE (Grey) It takes perfect timing and precision to create the ultimate, tailored-to-your-taste cup of coffee. Each individual enjoys a completely different tasting experience depending on their mood and habit. What..
Art of Rose DAWN
Art of Rose Story Unfolding Beauty... Celebrate your Femininity You're feminine, complex, delicate, fair Mysterious, strong, wrought with care What is happiness to you? Chasing the dream of what you once knew? When dreams were eclipsed by..
BE CONNECTED - Time to link in
Story:Our lives are made up of a series of seemingly random events: my moments criss-crossing with yours - his intersecting with hers. This geometric watch design was inspired by Lily's drawing. She wanted to express her appreciation for every connec..
BE HAPPY - Time to laugh!
Story:Happiness is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy. Based in Barcelona as a freelance illustrator, Judy never runs out of things to be happy about. This expression of joy permeates all areas of her work, rendering her illustrations detail..
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