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Moment Watches

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BE UNRESTRAINED - Moment to break loose
Story:Maxime and Adele are artists who left their steady jobs in Paris to open their own atelier in a small coastal town in the countryside. They wanted to break free from the shackles of convention and truly pursue art - the unadulterated, wild, uni..
BE A COLLECTOR - Moment to remember
Story:Norwegian artist Cathrine Sandmæl’s trip to Southampton, England, was one to be remembered. The amusement of a never-ending stream of British coins; the tranquility she achieved from the beauty of a flowering tree; the surprise at her discovery..
BE YOURSELF - Time to pursue
Story:Artist Kim Keever grew up by the ocean. All his childhood he looked out onto the grand majesty of nature and this appreciation fueled his artistic juices. He went on to become an artist, trying to capture and interpret natural beauty in his art..
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